Criteria & Process for Selection into the Maine Running Hall of Fame

Criteria & Process for Selection into the Maine Running Hall of Fame

Maine Running Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible to be nominated for the Maine Running Hall of Fame?

The MRHOF By-Laws define Nominees/inductees as Individuals who have made a significant contribution to the sport of running in the State of Maine are eligible for induction; this includes athletes, coaches, race directors and others who have contributed in important ways to running in Maine. Nominations should be in written form with a detailed profile of the nominee sent to the Board of Directors. Nominees do not have to be a Maine resident but eligibility is determined by: (1) either native of Maine or long-term resident in Maine; (2) accomplishments achieved in or outside of Maine; (3) significant contribution to Maine running.

Is there a form provided to submit a nomination on?

Yes, the form can be downloaded off the MRHOF web site and mailed back or e-mailed to……

Are additional materials like for example letters of support, race results, and photos able to be submitted in support of the nominee?

Yes, but please don’t send originals that could be lost and appreciate the volume of materials that the Board may have to review during the selection process.

Can a person nominate themselves?


If nominating someone based on their competitive performance as runner do they have to retired?


Are nominations for competitive runners limited to only those considered “elite” performers?

The Selection Process takes into total accomplishments and contribution to Maine running and has not set performance standards for nominated runners.

Can Coaches and Race Officials/Directors be nominated even if they do not actually run?


What about track and field athletes; can field athletes be nominated? Can teams be nominated or is it limited to individuals?

Track athletes with events related to running can be nominated. Nominations are accepted from track and field or cross country teams with accomplishments.

Who actually makes the decision on who to select for induction and what is their process for evaluating nominees and making their selections?

The Maine Running Hall of Fame Board as a whole thoroughly reviews all materials submitted on behalf of the nominees and makes their selections based on a system of rank order voting.

How many nominees can be inducted?

Inductions are made every two years. There is no firm number of inductees but the average number of inductees has been six.

If a nominee is not selected can he/she be nominated again?

There is no restriction on nominees being re-nominated. Nominees not selected are automatically kept in the pool of nominees for the next selection cycle unless they wish to not continue in the process.


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